Medieval SNA

Social Network Analysis Researchers of the Middle Ages (SNARMA)

Journals about Social Networks and Digital Humanities

Journal of Historical Network Research (JHNR)

The Journal of Historical Network Research, founded in 2017, is the first academic journal dedicated to new research applying SNA methods and theories to the entire span of history, running from ancient to contemporary, published in English. It is closely associated with the Historical Network Research organisation.

Social Networks

Social Networks has been the main journal for social network analysis since 1978, and its current editors, Martin Everett of the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis at the University of Manchester, and Tom Valente of the University of Southern California, have been leading voices in SNA for decades.

Revue ARCS (Analyse de réseaux pour les sciences sociales/ Network analysis for social sciences)

This journal is edited by Laurent Beaugitte of CNRS and UMR Géographie-cités on behalf of the Groupement de recherche (GDR) Analyse de réseaux en sciences humaines et sociales. This Open Access journal publishes in French and English.

Journal of Social Structure

The Journal of Social Structure is published by INSNA, the International Network for Social Network Analysis, the parent body of EUSN and host of the Sunbelt Conferences. It was founded in 2000 and is published online, freely accessible.

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (IJHAC)

Now in its twelfth year, IJHAC is a peer-reviewed Digital Humanities journal published by Edinburgh University Press.

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (DSH)

DSH is another important DH journal and is published by the European Association for Digital Humanities. Formerly known as Literary and Linguistic Computing (LLC), the journal is in its 34th year.

Digital Humanities Congress, University of Sheffield

The Digital Humanities Institute at Sheffield publishes the Proceedings of its periodic DH congresses.

Social Network Analysis and Mining

The journal Social Network Analysis and Mining has been publishing since 2012.

Network Science

The journal Network Science, published by Cambridge University Press, is now in its 7th volume.

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