Medieval SNA

Social Network Analysis Researchers of the Middle Ages (SNARMA)


Community of the Realm in Medieval Scotland, 1249-1424 (COTR) SNA section

People of Medieval Scotland 1093-1286 (SNA section) (Visualizations) (E-book)

Dissident Networks Project

Connected Clerics. Building a Universal Church in the Late Antique West (380-640CE) CONNEC

Women, Conflict and Peace: Gendered Networks in Early Medieval Narratives

Innovating Knowledge: Isidore’s Etymologiae in the Carolingian Period

Moving Byzantium

Complexities and Networks in the Medieval Mediterranean and Near East (COMMED)


Circulation of Knowledge and Learning Practices in the 17th-Century Dutch Republic

Networking Archives: Assembling and analysing early modern correspondence

Europe Angevine (EUROPANGE)

PAIXUE: Classicising Learning in
Medieval Imperial Systems:
Cross-cultural Approaches to
Byzantine Paideia

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